Breaking news: no sleeves!

Today Show's Anchor, Natalie Morales

Today Show’s Anchor, Natalie Morales

Have you turned on the news lately? Anchor women are going sleeveless and everywhere you turn, you find this new uniform; sleeveless blouses/dresses and exposed arms – even in the cold winter months. I’m wondering … who sent these women the memo?? Could it be a response to our First Lady’s penchant for sleeveless dresses? My mother, Claire, and my neighbor, Jean, first brought this phenomenon to my attention. Initially, I noticed just a handful of participants, but now I see that among the younger news women the trend is spreading. Everyone is dressing this way; local newscasters to more well-known names, like NBC’s Natalie Morales and ABC’s Katie Couric.

Should we be reading into this? Is it just a passing fancy or simply a passing thought? Do we care?

What do we think?

8 thoughts on “Breaking news: no sleeves!

  1. So glad you brought this up because I have been ranting about this for well over a year now.
    The achor women all look like they’re going to cocktails parties, and the dresses! When they
    sit down, well, I seeing more than I want!
    Not to single out Gail King, on CBS, but she must go to the stylist and say, well this fits nicely,
    give it too me two sizes smaller.
    Well I could go on some more, but you get my drift.

      • Hi Mel,
        Just thought of another thing that women on TV do, not only are there dresses too tight but when a guest comes on and sits down, a lot of times their SPANX show!!! Have seen this more times than I can count.
        Now my rant is over for now.

      • I haven’t seen that, Maggie, but I will be looking now! I have enjoyed your passionate responses – just what I love!! Thank you! xx, Mel

  2. I had not noticed that! I had just noticed the “going out to a night club” dress code for the news ladies! And you are probably right…the first lady DOES set the tone for fashion…just like the British Royalty. (i.e. Diana and Katherine).

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