Meet Melissa

I began writing this blog in February 2012 because I found my voice and it surprised me. And then I realized that we all have a voice and wouldn’t it be nice to hear it?

What is my story? I have always loved expressing myself through my clothes. Fashion is timeless – ageless  – fluid. Through fashion, you can be who you want to be and feel good about yourself every day. We need that sense of empowerment no matter what our age or where we are in life.

By the time I was three years old my mother could no longer dress me. In time, whatever I selected – color, texture and overall look – it had to be “mine.” I am the same today and my need to express myself through fashion is something I can’t stop.

I write this blog to share our fashion stories and continue the conversation in the true spirit of collaboration. I am not a twenty-something or even a thirty-something. I am over 50 with a full-life’s experiences behind me and new adventures ahead of me. I have two teenage sons and male cat, Willie, yet even with all the males in my life I remain in my heart a very girly girl.

Thank you for joining me. Tell me … what is your fashion story?

xx Melissa

All writings on this website/blog Copyright © Melissa Kaplan Guarino/Speaking of Fashion.

6 thoughts on “Meet Melissa

    • Thank you so much, Lisa! I appreciate it very much. I am so excited to celebrate Speaking of Fashion’s one-year anniversary next month! I will start by thanking you and everyone for reading and following me! xx, Melissa

  1. I LOVE this little…interview?sharing? I dont even know what to call it! You look beautiful and you are so earnest. You have a real nice demeanor on camera…and are able to share yourself. That is a very difficult thing to do! I love, love, love…good job!xoxo

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