It’s the little things …

Jennifer Lawrence in her tangerine-red couture gown and slim black belt

Jennifer Lawrence in her tangerine-red couture gown and slim black belt- Photo courtesy of Getty Images

Details in dressing are important. It’s the little things that help you reach your style potential and create value that will take your look over-the-top. When I saw Jennifer Lawrence in her gown at The Golden Globes, the tangerine-red dress was beautiful, yes, but it was the slim black belt that made it stand out! Accessories, when done right, are accents that bring charm and identify you and your personality: a belt on a cardigan sweater, a necklace worn in an open v-neck, or the right bracelet on your wrist. Other details are critical, as well. I have spoken about the need for a good fit and having a tailor in your arsenal. Proper seams add sophistication to your shirts and jackets, and slacks hemmed appropriately for your size will do the same. Pops of color brighten an outfit, but more important, your mood. Think of a colorful handbag or clutch, or scarf worn around your neck, or even a manicure, the next time you want to feel brighter.

It’s the little things that bring huge benefits!

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Weekend chic

It is the weekend and I am lounging and feeling lazy. A satisfying feeling, especially after a hectic week. The question is … what to wear when I am lounging and taking it easy? Do I take time to dress the part? Too often the answer is no. I have become a little careless in what I choose to wear on weekends. When I think no one is looking I tend to let it go. But I have forgotten one important thing. I am my own audience and I am always looking. Am I not enough?

I read an article recently in More Magazine that addressed the importance of having fun with your weekend look by pulling yourself out of your rut and selecting more chic casual options, while still remaining comfortable. It is time to forget the sneakers and sweat pants; wear them only for exercise. Forget the basic black handbag. Rather, opt for jeans or try other slim slacks and pair them with a more casual, flat boot. Change to a colorful handbag. Accessories in general are wonderful ways to add pop and enhance any weekend outfit. Wrap a colorful scarf over your jacket and a touch of jewelry. Even better?  Choose a dressier earring or necklace with a simple t-shirt. I love to mix and match high and low! It is one of my best kept secrets.

Be your own audience when selecting what you wear on the weekend. Do it for yourself because you are worth it!  Happy weekend.

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