Breaking news: no sleeves!

Today Show's Anchor, Natalie Morales

Today Show’s Anchor, Natalie Morales

Have you turned on the news lately? Anchor women are going sleeveless and everywhere you turn, you find this new uniform; sleeveless blouses/dresses and exposed arms – even in the cold winter months. I’m wondering … who sent these women the memo?? Could it be a response to our First Lady’s penchant for sleeveless dresses? My mother, Claire, and my neighbor, Jean, first brought this phenomenon to my attention. Initially, I noticed just a handful of participants, but now I see that among the younger news women the trend is spreading. Everyone is dressing this way; local newscasters to more well-known names, like NBC’s Natalie Morales and ABC’s Katie Couric.

Should we be reading into this? Is it just a passing fancy or simply a passing thought? Do we care?

What do we think?

“You have to see this! …”

The New Yorker Magazine Cover
September 10, 2012

… said my neighbor Jean. I visited her this afternoon, which I do as much as I can. You know Jean by now – my 80-something friend and neighbor. We have shared many conversations about life and fashion – from tuxedos to handbags – and today’s topic was this cover of The New Yorker Magazine. Jean continued with this question: “Where is fashion going? Lately I have been feeling like the older woman in the illustration – out of step and befuddled.” Enough said. This image says it all.

What do you think?

Jean unplugged

The New Yorker Magazine Cover
September 25, 2006

Jean is my very stylish 80-year old neighbor with a lot to say when it comes to fashion. You have met Jean’s tuxedo. Today Jean shared with me this charming New Yorker Magazine cover which she has been saving since September 25, 2006, and we talked about the state of the large handbag. Yes this image dates back six years, but according to Jean, some things are here to stay, or as she says, “when it comes to fashion just hold on and it will come back.” Here is more from Jean, unplugged:

“I thought big handbags went away. That was 2006 and I thought they were wearing them smaller now. I guess not. The very existence of these large handbags interests me. It’s great as a laugh. Let me tell you what I think … this photo is an extreme, of course. But these large handbags are being pushed by advertising. That is how it is in fashion. There was something years ago called The Look. It defined the fashion attitude of the day and we were all forced to pay attention and follow The Look. It started with the length of skirts. All of a sudden, longer hemlines were it and everyone felt pressure to wear their skirts longer – whether they wanted to or not. And they did because no one wanted to be left behind. And they will again. Because that’s how it was then and how it still is with fashion, completely.”

What do you think?