Lipstick always makes things better!

Sending you kisses!

Sending you kisses! Wearing my favorite lipstick (Bobbi Brown Lip Color – Pink*)!

This was a rough morning: I had two places to be at the same time, and was not prepared. It is a state in which we mothers find ourselves all of the time, because life with children is nothing if not messy and chaotic. And just when you think you have your ducks-in-a-row something will happen to shake it all up and you are back to square one. I would like to say that it gets better as your children get older but this state of confusion has followed me into my boys’ teen years.

In times like these, a mother must remain calm and breathe deeply. And that is a good place to start, but the reality is that you need more to combat the chaos: you need lipstick. This morning, as I was rushing to my second place after delivering my son to his destination, I found myself grabbing my favorite lipstick* and telling my mother, “Lipstick always makes things better!” And it does. Applying lipstick in moments of stress is calming and instantly uplifting. Perhaps it has something to do with the fact that lipstick is the gateway to the other stress reliever for any mother: her smile!

Sending you kisses! xx!

Marvelous Maggie!

Marvelous Maggie

Remember Maggie? She is getting ready for the holidays with her champagne-colored lace scarf and bright blue jacket. Her mix of color is festive and bright and perfectly seasonal!

The scarf – a pinky-champagne – I bought on sale. It’s so long and has pale sequins that match so well that you can barely see them. Also, when in need, you can throw it down for a table runner! LOL!” ~ Maggie

I love it, marvelous Maggie! Happy Holidays!

Shoe Fetish

Carrie Bradshaw, HBO’s Sex and the City
“Hello, Lover”

Fetish: inanimate object worshiped as magic.

Apparently I am not the only one who thinks “shoes first” when getting dressed for the day. This summer, major department stores like Macy’s, Saks and Barney’s added square foot space to accommodate the growing interest in shoes, according to Bloomberg Businessweek (August 27). And growing interest leads to growing sales. Macy’s executive vice president, Muriel Gonzalez says, “We see a high degree of passion among our customers for shoes.”

I’m not sure why but I connect with my shoes. They complete the story of how I want to present myself for the day. That day starts with the big question, what am I going to wear?, followed by the next one, which shoes?! Now that we are transitioning seasons I am reminded to check my closet for shoes I already own before being lured into buying new ones. I know I will be surprised to find something I forgot I owned and will probably fall in love all over again …

What do you think?