Golden dreams

Golden Globe Trophy

Golden Globe Trophy

I dreamed a dream in times gone by – When hope was high – And life worth living – I dreamed that love would never die ...” ~ Fantine, from Les Miserables

By 6pm my family knew to leave me alone, so that I could turn on the television and watch The Golden Globes in peace. Not just The Globes, though; I watch the pre-game – I mean the pre-show – red carpet. And I watch with gusto. It is my Superbowl. I love to see what everyone is wearing; I guess it brings back memories of dressing up as a little girl and glamming it up in front of the mirror! In fact, I dressed as a bride in one of the first Halloween’s I can remember (was I four years old??). Even then, it was all about the dress!

But it is more than that. It’s about dreams. It’s about memories. It’s about movies and stories. It’s about reaching back to my childhood, to that place where fantasy met reality and there were no boundaries.

For the record, my favorite looks of the evening were worn by two friends – the Aussie women: Nicole Kidman (I love her shorter hair!), in Alexander McQueen and Naomi Watts in Zac Posen. Both looked so chic yet simple and with a hint of sensuality, in perfectly-fitted silhouettes. My other favorite was Jennifer Lawrence, in a tangerine-red Dior Haute Couture dress, with a simple black belt that accentuated her slim waist. She said she felt a little “flu-y,” but honestly, who could tell??

The Golden Globes. Golden dreams!


“Dare To Go There”
Nicole Kidman, Harper’s Bazaar November 2012

It happened: We lost power during the forces of Hurricane Sandy. Without power, there is little to do. As soon as the darkness gave way to a somewhat lighter morning and I first checked to see that my family was alright and my house was in working order, I opened the November issue of Harper’s Bazaar that my friend Jean lent me, and I began to read. And read. And read!

Here are some interesting fashion tidbits:

– Bottega Veneta is going vegan exploring new mediums with a line of eco-friendly handbags (more news on creating sustainable fashion)

– Shop introduces its online store for shopping made easy (more news on solving your problem and shopping online)

– The What’s In/What’s Out List (In: white. Out: neon clutches, tribal beads, go-go platforms, oversize totes, deconstructed bags, multi-finger rings, door-knocker earrings and moccasins.) So much more Out than In!

– Julia Reed writes about Fashion Politics and America’s first ladies of style.Their passion for fashion has had little to do with party lines.

– The News highlights Women who Dare. Harper’s Bazaar asks some influential women to share their stories of how they moved beyond personal fear to take on the most daring and risky feats of their lives. Says Katie Couric, “If you don’t take chances, you’ll never really live.” Inspiring!

– Cover girl Nicole Kidman reflects on her life, including her fashion choices for the red carpet. “I make sure to wear comfortable dresses … because I want to be able to go out afterward and, you know, bend.”

And then there were the usual finds in every Harper’s Bazaar; beautifully crafted pages, Fabulous at Every Age (20s – 70s),Your Horoscope, etc.

All in all, it was a lovely trip that carried me away from the anxious moments surrounding the storm. Thank you for being with me.